Apple removed the plastic film from package box of phone 13


When the iPhone 12 was launched in 2020, Apple canceled charger and earphone in package, and the packaging box was reduced in half, euphemistically called environmental protection, which once caused great controversy. In the eyes of consumers, Apple's doing this is just under the guise of environmental protection, by selling accessories to obtain higher profits. But then environmental protection gradually became a new trend in the mobile phone industry, and other mobile manufacturers began to follow Apple's lead.

After the autumn conference in 2021, Apple's "environmental protection" was upgraded again, and the iPhone 13 made a fuss on the packaging box, which was criticized by many consumers. So compared with the iPhone 12, what are the specific aspects of the environmental upgrade of the iPhone 13? Or is Apple really doing this for environmental protection?


Therefore, on the iPhone 13, Apple has made a new upgrade regarding environmental protection. In addition to continuing not to send chargers and headphones, Apple has also removed the plastic film on the outer packing box of the phone. That is to say, there is no film on the packaging box of the iPhone 13. After receiving the goods, users can directly open the packaging box of the mobile phone without tearing the seal on the box, which really makes the consumer mobile phone unpacking experience simpler.

Many people may be thinking, isn't it just saving a thin layer of plastic? Can this be considered an environmental upgrade? It is true that Apple's requirements for environmental protection are indeed a bit nitpicky, but it is undeniable that being able to notice the plastic film shows that Apple has really carefully considered environmental protection issues. If you switch to other mobile phone manufacturers, you will definitely not put so much thought on the box.

In fact, Apple has always been dubbed the "detail maniac", which has long been reflected in the iPhone. It is not unreasonable that so many consumers around the world love Apple's products. This time, Apple's "environmental protection" has been upgraded again, striving for perfection in the details of the packaging box. Although it seems that the change is not obvious, it has made the concept of environmental protection more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is the responsibility of a company.

Post time: Aug-08-2022