About Us

Nice to Meet you.We are uphonebox!

We specialize in the design&production of high quality packaging solution for the mobile devices, notebooks, tablets and computers. We mainly focus on providing custom packaging box top brands like Apple and Samsung. Recently we expanded our offers and added packaging box for Refurbished Devices like used iPhone, used iPad, used Macbook, used Samsung Mobile to our product range!

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Before uphonebox’ s come, our team used to supply used mobile devices and relating quality parts to our partners across the world. Meanwhile we were always asked about supplying consistent quality packaging service like iphone packaging box, ipad package template, empty packaging box for Macbook for our existing partners.

What we do for you now

You can find cheap and unmatched packaging easily from the internet, but consistent quality and professionals are always missed during the supply chain. We do wanted to change it. So here we came, from 2018, we start from the search of the right material, right dimension to fit the mobile package, even we made our own universal packing box for most used iPhone and used Samsung. it do help you relief the stress and less labor cost on your core mobile business.


a71 Day after day, step by step, we completed the the first stage work, we get all the right resource from the material, fit dimension, custom service, quality production, cost-effective logistic solution ready together for our partners.

a71 Now we are proud to say that we are the most professional team from China to bring you the right and fit mobile packaging box, especially cardboard packing box for iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Samsung mobile.

a71 What you need is make your core business expanded and left the rest to us.
Uphonebox, your phone box partner ever.