White Macbook packaging box for used Macbook shipping

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In the second-hand Apple devices trading market, the trading volume of Macbook series is not large, but there are also European used mobile phone wholesalers who have the demand for custom Macbook packaging boxes. It is all because of the opportunity of this custom Macbook packing boxes order that we have expanded the product line of mobile phone packaging boxes to Macbook packaging boxes, including two different packaging boxes for Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

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This Mac packaging box series, because the market demand is not large and the MOQ demand is large, so we have not designed the same complete solution as the iPhone packaging box and the iPad packaging box. So we designed and made a universal Macbook box.

White Macbook packaging box for used Macbook shipping1

The universal Macbook Air packaging box adopts the same packaging form as the original Apple Macbook air box, but the internal structure and inlay is different. The internal structure of our universal box is made of 2 materials, one is the same high-quality plastic structure as Apple Macbook inlay, and the other is the foam structure.

Considering that different models of Macbook Air, such as Macbook Air M1, Macbook Air 2020, and Macbook 2018 have different sizes, we designed the box to fit the largest Macbook. Use the foam-filled protective strip to secure the smaller Macbook. Such a packaging box design solution is consistent with the general iPhone packaging box design.

As always,you can custom your own logo on it or just send us your own design of the Macbook package box.Samples will come out in just 1 weeks.Contact us for the full mobile devices packing solution.

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  • Q1: Why choose us?
    We are the only supplier who can supply the mobile packaging box for all series of iPhone,iPad,iPad mini,iPad air,iPad pro,Macbook Air,Macbook Pro,and also Samsung S series,Samsung Note series.besides we can also produce the packaging box for other mobile brand.

    Q2: What to supply?
    We have 4 types of packaging box for all used phone wholesalers.
    • Original packaging solution.
    • White empty packaging box with original inlay structure.
    • Universal packaging box for iPhone,Macbook series with foam protector.
    • Custom your own empty packaging for packing and shipping.

    Q3: What others we can do?
    ♦ Pack the chargers,cables and other accessories inside the package box
    Saving labor cost for our partners.
    ♦ Custom accessories and other accessories for our partners.
    ♦ Other sourcing work for free.

    Q4: What is the lead time?
    Usually for the existing package design,it takes 5-7 working days to produce.
    And another 5-7 days fly to US and EU or 30-45 days by train or Sea.

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