The new iPad packaging no longer uses plastic outer membranes

On the evening of October 18, Apple officially released the iPad 10 and the new iPad Pro.

In the IPAD 10 -related press release, Apple said that the redemption materials are no longer used for plastic outer membranes, and 97%of the packaging materials use fiber group. At the same time, the new iPad Pro’s packaging no longer use plastic outer membranes. 99%of the packaging materials use fiber groups, so that Apple has taken another step towards the goal of completely eliminating plastic packaging by the end of 2025.

Apple also said that all models of the new iPad include using 100% regenerative gold in the plating layers of various printing circuit boards, which is the first time in the iPad models, as well as regenerative aluminum metals, regenerative tin and regenerative rare earth elements. IPAD 10 is also the first iPad model with regenerative copper. It uses 100%recycled copper in the foil of the motherboard.

IPAD 10 uses full screen and right-angle design, equipped with A14 bionic chip, adopts USB-C interface, all iPad farewell to the Lightning interface, starting from 3599 yuan; new iPad Pro is equipped with M2 chip, supports Apple Pencil hovering experience, price price Starting from 6799 yuan. Compared with the previous generation, the 11 -inch new iPadPro started 600 yuan, and the price of 12.9 inches increased by 800 yuan.

According to Apple’s official website, the latest iPad will be ordered from 9 am on October 20, and the official release time is October 26.


Post time: Dec-12-2022