iPhone Package box from iPhone 4 to iPhone X

In 2020, in the name of "environmental protection", Apple canceled the charging head that came with the iPhone 12 series and Apple Watch 6 series.


In 2021, Apple has another new "environmental protection" action: the packaging of the iPhone 13 series is no longer covered with "plastic film". From the first mobile phone released by Apple in 2007 to the current iPhoneX, the main material on the packaging is Swedish double copper paper double-sided lamination, and then the gray board is used for structural support. Today, most mobile phones are made of this material. The packaging box made is consistent in surface color, flatness, and the pleasing appearance is not seen in other similar material packaging boxes.

When it comes to the packaging of Apple mobile phones, I have to say that one of its patents is the packaging of the heaven and earth box. When the sky box is picked up, the ground box will slowly drop within 3-8s. The principle is to use the gap between the heaven and earth boxes to control the Air intake to control the falling speed of the floor box. The material of the inner support structure of the apple box has been tried from the early corrugated paper to the PP material blister inner support.

The First iPhone Packaging

On the first-generation iPhone box, the packaging size is 2.75 inches, and the packaging materials are mainly from recycled fiberboard and biomaterials. In addition to the picture of the iPhone on the front, the name of the phone (iPhone) and the capacity (8GB) are also marked on the side, which is the difference.


iPhone 3 Packaging

The iPhone 3G/3GS box is divided into two colors, black and white. The packaging box of the iPhone 3G/3GS has not changed much from the first generation, but the indication of the capacity of the mobile phone has been cancelled. Packaging materials are mainly from recycled fiberboard and biomaterials, the packaging size has been reduced from 2.75 to 2.25 inches, the base and full-size power adapter included in the first generation are not included in the box, and replaced by a more compact version, in the carrier The area highlights that the iPhone supports 3G, and the single-generation packaging adopts an embossed design. The height of the iPhone is slightly higher than the packaging, and the home button has a concave design.

iPhone 4 Packaging

The color of the iPhone4 box is uniformly white, and the material is cardboard + coated paper. Since the iPhone 4 is the generation that Apple has made the biggest change in appearance, with glass and metal middle frame, Apple uses a half body and an angle of about 45° on the packaging to highlight its design and thinness. iPhone4S packaging is followed by iPhone4, basically no design changes.


iPhone 5 Packaging

The iPhone5 packaging box is divided into black and white, and the material is cardboard + coated paper. The graphic design of the iPhone 5 decorative paper returns to a more direct, close-to-90° full body shot, which also includes Apple's EarPods, redesigned earphones and Lightning USB adapter. The iPhone 5S packaging is similar to the overall design of the iPhone 5.
The iPhone5C packaging box is a white base + transparent cover, and the material is polycarbonate plastic, which continues the simple style of the past.

iPhone 6 Packaging

The packaging box of the iPhone 6 series has changed all the previous styles, except that the fixed makeup photo of the mobile phone has been cancelled on the front, the music icon has become music, and the embossed design has returned on the iPhone 6/6s/6plus, and the packaging has been simplified to the extreme. The packaging material has been replaced with a more environmentally friendly sticker box, and according to the color of the mobile phone, the box is designed in black and white.


iPhone 7 Packaging

When it comes to the iPhone 7 generation, the packaging box design uses the appearance of the back of the phone this time. It is estimated that in addition to highlighting the dual camera, it also tells consumers: "Come on, I cut off the signal bar you hate the most. half way up". This time, only the word iPhone is retained on the side, and there is no Apple logo.

iPhone 8 Packaging

The box of the iPhone 8 is still displayed on the back, but with a hint of light reflecting off the glass, suggesting that the iPhone 8 uses a double-sided glass design, with only the word iPhone on the side.


iPhone X Packaging

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple brought the iPhone X. On the box, the emphasis is still on the design of the full screen. A large screen is placed on the front, which is very visually stunning, and the word iPhone is still on the side. Subsequently, the iPhone XR/XS/XS Max in 2018 also followed the packaging design of the iPhone X.

Post time: Aug-03-2022