iPhone New Package bring cost down

After Apple canceled the charger supply in the package, Apple announced that it will make new efforts to environmental protection. It is reported that Apple’s official website stated in the promotional pages of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro that it will no longer use plastic film to cover the packaging boxes of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro this year, thereby reducing the use of plastic by 600 tons.

Apple would removthe plastic film from the packaging cover, and instead,,design method of paper pull strip may be used. Moreover, the buffer design of Apple's express packaging is currently just a layer of plastic film.in future  we never know if it will be changed to the buffer design of ipad or Macbook packaging.


Nonetheless, Apple has made great efforts to save costs, even for environmental reasons. But those cost savings aren't feeding back to consumers, and iPhones are getting more expensive. This has also boosted the volume of used iPhones, with many consumers on a budget gravitating toward used iPhones, or refurbished iPhones.

This trend has also brought us some new opportunities in the mobile phone packaging box industry. Large second-hand iphone wholesalers are bound to need high quality and custom mobile phone packaging boxes.


So, this is a chance for mobile phone box suppliers. Because the global transaction volume of second-hand iPhones and second-hand Samsung mobile phones is also rising rapidly. Correspondingly, these mobile phones are traded in form of handset in packs.

without a packaging box, so the demand for packaging boxes by large mobile phone wholesalers is also expanding. A high-quality mobile phone packaging box can not only improve the purchasing experience of end consumers, but also ensure the safety of mobile phones during transportation. Most importantly, high-quality custom mobile phone cases can help these mobile phone suppliers to establish their own brands and enhance the company's image.

Post time: Aug-03-2022