All for environmental protection! The iPhone box will change again: Apple will eliminate all plastic

On June 29, according to Sina Technology, at the ESG Global Leaders Summit, Apple Vice President Ge Yue said that almost all Chinese suppliers have promised to use only clean energy to produce products for Apple in the future. In addition, Apple will use recyclable or renewable materials in its products, and plans to eliminate all plastics in packaging by 2025, making efforts for environmental protection.

Apple’s headquarters in the United States introduced clean energy very early on, and has repeatedly required global suppliers and manufacturers to use clean energy to produce the products Apple needs. Apple has also assisted suppliers in factory construction many times, and expanded clean energy such as solar energy and wind energy to the factory area. Foxconn and TSMC are Apple’s largest suppliers and foundries, and Apple is actively promoting the transformation of the two factories.

In recent years, Apple has also made many changes in products and packaging for environmental protection. iPhones, iPads, and Macs are all made of renewable aluminum materials, and product packaging has become more and more “simple”. For example, the iPhone with the highest sales volume every year, Apple first canceled the included earphones, and then canceled the charging head in the package. Last year’s iPhone 13 packaging didn’t even have a plastic protective film, it was just a bare box, and the grade dropped a few gears in an instant.


Apple has used the slogan of environmental protection in recent years, and has continuously reduced the cost of product accessories and packaging, but the price of the mobile phone itself has not been reduced, which has caused dissatisfaction and complaints from many consumers. Apple will continue to implement the concept of environmental protection in the future, and eliminate all plastic packaging by 2025. Then the iPhone packaging box may continue to be simplified. In the end, it may be a small cardboard box containing the iPhone. The picture is unimaginable.

Apple has canceled the random accessories, so consumers need to buy extra, and the cost of consumption has increased significantly. For example, to buy an official charger, the cheapest one costs 149 yuan, which is really ridiculously expensive. Although many of Apple’s accessories are packaged in paper packaging, it does a good job in terms of environmental protection. However, these paper packages are quite exquisite and high-end, and the cost is estimated to be not cheap, and consumers need to pay for this part.


In addition to Apple, major international manufacturers such as Google and Sony are also promoting the development of environmental protection. Among them, the paper packaging of Sony products is made very carefully, which makes you feel “it is very environmentally friendly”, and the packaging does not look like it. It will look very low-grade. Apple is determined to do a good job in environmental protection, but in many details, it still needs to learn more from other major manufacturers.

Post time: Jan-10-2023