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The fourth-generation iPad Air is a model launched by Apple in September 2020. It features a 10.9-inch screen on the front and a square body design similar to the iPad pro.

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It is this model that Apple launched refurbished ones, which shows that the second-hand devices market occupies an increasing share of today's 3C consumer electronics market.

Correspondingly, when Apple launches official refurbished iPhone,iPad,Macbook, there will be a simplified version of the white remarketed packaging box, which can be distinguished from the brand-new models, and also the packing cost can be reduced.We also need to follow Apple’s step to make our own used iPad more qualified and shipping-safe with custom universal empty ipad packaging box.

iPad package box for packing iPad mini pro Air1

From the package box manufacturers point of view, the overall cost of the iPad package box is definitely higher than that of the iPhone box. The unit price of iPad is not as high as that of iPhone, so in the trading market of second-hand Apple iPhone iPad original devices, the transaction share of iPad is significantly lower than that of iPhone. This is also the reason why few mobile phone packaging box manufacturers are willing to do such custom iPad air,iPad mini,iPad pro package box production.

♦ Although it accounts for a relatively small share, in terms of absolute quantity, the number of second-hand iPad transactions is also large in the United States, Europe, and the Chinese market. It is estimated that there are at least 100 million second-hand iPads and refurbished iPads in circulation around the world every year, which also gives Chinese mobile phone packaging box manufacturers opportunities.

♦ We at uphonebox discovered this potential huge market for iPad white universal shipping packing boxes, and at the same time provided a complete iPad custom packaging solution for second-hand Apple resellers in Europe.

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  • Q1: Why choose us?
    We are the only supplier who can supply the mobile packaging box for all series of iPhone,iPad,iPad mini,iPad air,iPad pro,Macbook Air,Macbook Pro,and also Samsung S series,Samsung Note series.besides we can also produce the packaging box for other mobile brand.

    Q2: What to supply?
    We have 4 types of packaging box for all used phone wholesalers.
    • Original packaging solution.
    • White empty packaging box with original inlay structure.
    • Universal packaging box for iPhone,Macbook series with foam protector.
    • Custom your own empty packaging for packing and shipping.

    Q3: What others we can do?
    ♦ Pack the chargers,cables and other accessories inside the package box
    Saving labor cost for our partners.
    ♦ Custom accessories and other accessories for our partners.
    ♦ Other sourcing work for free.

    Q4: What is the lead time?
    Usually for the existing package design,it takes 5-7 working days to produce.
    And another 5-7 days fly to US and EU or 30-45 days by train or Sea.

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